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Simple. Fresh. Powerful. Used by more than 150,000 businesses in over 120 countries. 


StratPad asks you the important questions you must answer to create your business plan.


StratPad instantly puts your information together and builds your compelling plan.


Your plan contains everything your banker and investors are looking for.


Use StratPad to manage your business. Track and report your progress.

Thanks—worth every penny. I’m on company number three with StratPad! Two companies built and sold in one year because of being able to prove the system and organization are there. StratPad is ideal for organizing strategies and putting the big picture down on paper. Both of the buyers commented on the business plan and stated the structure was laid out so nicely.

–Roy Moyer




or $29.99 monthly*

• Complete business planning tutorial • Step-by-step guide with video help • Business plan as Word or PDF file • 17 other reports to help you tell your story • Gorgeous charts and trendlines to track your progress • Create up to 5 plans 




or $49.99 monthly*

Everything in Business version, PLUS: • Create unlimited plans 



• Everything in StratPad Cloud on your iPad • Send plans to-and-from StratPad Cloud • iOS 11 ready 

* 100% money-back guarantee on ALL my products and services: If you're unhappy with any of my products or services just let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money.

All plans include:

• Step-by-step video course

• Secure 5-level data protection

• Regular free updates

• Anytime, anywhere access

• No software installation

• Built-in charts for results tracking

• Print, email, export reports and charts

• Instructional videos

• Complete 58-page business planning tutorial

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time simply by setting your Profile to "Do not renew". We don't refund the unused portion of the payment period.

What browser do I need?

StratPad Cloud runs on PCs (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, IE 10+) and Macs (Chrome, Firefox Safari).

What's your refund policy? (Paid subscriptions only)

Simple. If you're unhappy for any reason, just let me know, and I'll refund your money.




or $29.99 monthly*




or $49.99 monthly*



* 100% money-back guarantee on ALL my products and services: If you're unhappy with any of my products or services just let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money.

Our customers say stuff like this...

Simply Brilliant! ★★★★★  

I have been looking for the perfect business strategy planning software for a while and tried many. This is simply the best business planning software I have ever used…period! Well done on an awesome app. – YamanchuJK  

Good planning tool ★★★★★  

Very useful tool to develop a business plan quickly. Particularly easy to overlay effects of new strategies onto a base plan. Also useful to develop a business plan with a client while avoiding too much complexity. – cb1associates  

Excelente solución ★★★★★  

Una excelente aplicación en español que permite elaborar y gestionar tu plan de negocios y sin tanto esfuerzo. – Antonio el Grande  

Great app! ★★★★★  

A must use for businesses to develop and implement a business plan / strategy. It makes the process easy with a step-by-step guide. – Chad Verch  

Muito Bom! ★★★★★  

Aconselho e indico. It’s a very good app! – GLucena  

Amazing app ★★★★★  

Amazing app, easy, comprehensive. One of the best apps I’ve used recently. – YG London  

Invaluable–IF you READ the chapters ★★★★★  

$50 for an app that you can use over and over to make your dream a reality AND make a steady income doing it…priceless. READ, READ, READ the chapters! I’ve had this app for close to a year now. When I initially bought the app, I was really excited about my idea and wanted to make it happen as soon as possible. I did start reading through the chapters, but as soon as I had permission to dive right in, guess what I chose. Talk about “Ready, fire, AIM!” I ended up getting overwhelmed because I kept expanding my nonexistent business in my mind to a point that it just didn’t seem realistic and I gave up.  

Just yesterday, I decided to reopen StratPad and read through the whole guide. If I had done this a year ago, I’d already be a year further along with my plan, but I didn’t want to “waste” time on the reading. I think I assumed the chapters were mostly about navigating the app. While they DO walk you through the app, most of the information is about how to successfully plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate or reevaluate a new or existing business or strategy. Even if you’re sure you know all there is to know, it doesn’t hurt to read it as a refresher. I guarantee there will be something you hadn’t thought of. This app really helps to focus on and prioritize what is really important in making your plan successful. It is ethics, management, strategy, leadership, and so much more all rolled into one. $50 seems like a lot, but if you’re serious about wanting to take action to create or improve a business, you will definitely get a huge return on your investment. Just stick with it! – Ghjuydfc  

Completo y sencillo ★★★★★  

Una app bastante completa y sencilla de entender para que tengas todo un modelo de negocio para tu empresa, ni importa si es pequeña o mediana. – Buena appipad  

VP Operations/Co-Owner ★★★★★  

I have been using the program for 2 weeks and have completed 90% of our strategic plan for marketing/sales. I needed help and found a lot of information online, but no simple program that would handle small plans. We have a five-year plan that took months to write, but know we can rewrite the sample plan in a matter of weeks. We can also dissect our plan into smaller pieces and not be overwhelmed. I have already instructed our team to purchase and additional copies for their own iPads. We will also introduce this to the engineering and business students at the local college where we mentor students. We will use this program to teach and mentor our employees on how and why a strategic plan is so important. This program is great for businesses that generate $100,000 or $100 million in sales. Great program!!!!! – jhite.laash  

Beyond expectation ★★★★★  

Most products have shortfalls. I am extremely happy with this one. Very useful app. – Mamvura2012  

Simplicity personified ★★★★★  

Easy, straightforward and simple, giving me the results I wanted. – The frog49  

Excellent app for a startup ★★★★★  

Great prompts to get you to think hard. The guidance at the beginning and navigation while completing my plan was amazing. Great experience indeed. – Drewza69  

Excellent ★★★★★  

I found this app to be user friendly, clear, concise, informative with lots of useful advice. A brilliant business tool. Thanks Alex, keep up the good work!!! – Shekinah50  

Great product ★★★★★  

This app is more than just an “app” it is a serious business tool. I have only just started with this tool and am already impressed with it. I have been in business a long time and have seen many attempts at this sort of thing. This delivers great value for money without a doubt. – Tiriet  

Business planning on the go ★★★★★  

And this...

I bought StratPad to allow me to write my business plan while away from the office. I started my plan on a couple of plane trips and started by just diving in. Then I went through the helpful documentation and terminology definitions that are included. Start with the documentation. It is actually pretty quick and helpful. – Tree Gecko  

Does what I need ★★★★★  

I’m on company number three with this app! Two companies built and sold in one year because of being able to prove the system and organization are there. StratPad is ideal for organizing strategies and putting the big picture down on paper. Both of the buyers commented on the business plan and stated the structure was laid out so nicely that they did not need to read into business where deals can be lost. Thanks—worth every penny in my experience. May not be right for everybody but works for me! – roy.moyer  

So helpful, and now easy to customise! ★★★★★  

Thank you for adding a .docx export function! This app is now perfect :-). Gives very nice, professional looking charts and reports. Very helpful. – blitz_vv  

Great App! Simplified, clear focus on goals ★★★★★  

Easy to use application with great tools that help you focus on key goals to achieving outcomes. This product will not get in the way of doing what you need to do. It will keep you focused on the end game in a very busy world. –  

Awesome app★★★★★  

I like the app a lot because it follows a very logical progression and makes my ideas flow well. So far, I have not experience any crashes and it is very easy to use. – TRIPLE100JO  

Nice approach to a tough task★★★★★  

Way better than a blank business plan template that’s so daunting. Step by step – question by question – you’re guided through the core of what you need to get a new business up and running. – KevHig  

Very impressed★★★★★  

I am very impressed with the contact from StratPad. When you buy this app, you get encouragement to use it; it’s not just take the money and you’re left to get on with it. The video is simple and easy to understand. A must buy for any business. – Thomson333  

Would be a Best In Class app if it wasn’t in a class of its own! ★★★★★  

There are many apps available to help compile a business plan and in slogging through the available offerings (and purchasing more than a few), I found that the better ones do help you create a plan by asking an inordinate number of questions to help you focus on what the business’ goals are. The best of these help to focus on why these goals are important and produce a lovely STATIC document for your efforts.  

However, what is missing in all of these apps, but which is engrained throughout StratPad, is the guidance to help you to focus on and understand HOW you are going to accomplish these goals. StratPad additionally helps to track your progress. Without execution, the best business plans are nothing more than a (hopefully) impressive looking document. StratPad helps to ensure you actually succeed in accomplishing the goals that the application helped you to understand and define, and does all of this by asking many fewer, but better focused, questions than the other available business planning apps.  

While looking into StratPad, I was struck by a funny, very positive review, which had mentioned the one detraction being the number of emails from Alex Glassey. I’m a busy guy, and sometimes make a purchase with the best intentions, but may get sidetracked and not make timely use of a purchase. So when I received the friendly auto-generated welcome email (with easy opt-out instructions), I wasn’t surprised and took a moment to reply with a quick thanks for the reminder to take advantage of my purchase. Within moments I received a reply from Alex and quickly realized that Alex must actually pay attention to all of the MANY ways he provides within the app to reach him (which I believe included email, phone, cell, Skype, smoke signals…) and was suitably impressed that I had found a man and company whose job didn’t end when they had my money. In reviewing the tutorial videos, it became apparent that Alex follows what he teaches, and more importantly, it became obvious that he wants to ensure one’s success in using his product. Having had the opportunity to use StratPad, I can honestly say that I am thoroughly impressed with the product, the company and with Alex himself. This is the least expensive learning/planning/executing/tracking tool I have come across, and I will be making great use of this tool on an ongoing basis (if not daily). Without question, this is one of the best software investments I have made in a very long time. Truly well done! – Blutoof  

StratPad for Startup★★★★★  

And there's more...

This app has simply been the best app I have used yet. Arm yourself with all the “numbers” and you can seriously have a business plan ready to review in a day. Fantastic! Have not submitted mine for funding yet, but very happy with the ability for this app to cut out the unnecessary points and get down to brass tacks. – Michael Rogers  

Great app, simplified, clear focus on goals★★★★★  

Easy to use application with great tools to help you focus on key goals to achieving outcomes. This product will not get in the way of doing what you need to do. It will keep you focused on the end game in a very busy world. –  


This is a very useful product, which I recommend highly. Writing business plans is tedious, so using this product makes the process more interesting. The company also provides excellent support and has been a pleasure to deal with. – MALindsay1973  

Fantastic app ★★★★★  

I bought this app wondering if it would be value for the money—it’s not cheap! Would it provide expert guidance, would it be simple to use, would it save me time and money? Would I be able to develop a strategy for my business? The answer is a huge YES. Fantastic app, well worth the investment. Great backup and supporting videos help take you through the set up. Over all money very well spent. – Philbrm  

Great app! ★★★★★  

No need to waste $100 and above on other software! Apart from StratPad’s powerful capability of organizing your thoughts by simply filling blank spaces of easy questions step by step, it is much more worthy as the application uses the Balanced Scorecard principle of strategic planning. If anybody wants to prepare a high quality business plan, this is the application you need. – Alid803  

One of the easiest planning tools I have used ★★★★★  

As a business person and business academic, this has been the easiest, most logically constructed, and thorough planning tool I have used in the past 18 years. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting an easy to use, yet thorough planning tool to support their business. – Mmilgate  

Absolute must have ★★★★★  

This should be a standard application for all business, from planning to project management. Correctly implemented, it leaves little room for errors, most of all full control of your business, products, staff responsibility. What more could you ask for ;-) – Shane 1978  

Efficiency in Strategic Planning ★★★★★  

There are hundreds, if not a multitude, of business planning software out there. Very few of them are intuitive enough to walk the entrepreneur through the idea flow needed to deliver his or her vision succinctly. StratPad achieves this process without turning you into a wonk. I have enjoyed using this software and can only assume that it will get better with additional wrinkles. If your goal is to tell business partners or investors what you are up to and how you will deliver, start preparation here. – Moprezo  

From a Yoga/Juice bar owner ★★★★★  

StratPad caught my eye! I had looked over dozens of different BPs. StratPad was the most up to date and innovative. StratPad was clear and concise, cost effective and with “to the point” information without boring your investors to tears. An innovative style, StratPad moves away from the old style, 100-page business plan. The graphs, diagrams and charts were great to work with as well when you’re finished with plugging in your numbers. It’s like magic!! It helped me to look at and create a strong foundation through a step-by-step process that helped me understand business planning: 1. Profit clarity, sweet spots and money trackers; 2. The ideal customer; 3. Branding and how to make your brand stand apart from the rest. The support I received was very accessible. I had an issue understanding something and Alex, Julian and the whole StratPad team were very supportive and helpful. Thank you again StratPad! You guys rock! – Melissasujatasmith  

Astonishing ★★★★★  

I’m astonished by how good this app is. It is thought provoking and immensely logical in its approach to writing a business plan. It won’t quite write the plan for you, and this is how it should be since the plan is yours, but it almost does—with a little thinking on your part. It challenges you to be clear about your objectives, the strategies to achieve them and the main activities to carry out in order to achieve your strategies, and most importantly, the measures to track progress along the way. There are even facilities to show the financial impact of the business plan and, if you choose the options, you can track the measures and KPIs you set, which can then be seen on graphs to see how you’re getting on. Finally, it produces a wonderfully short and tight business plan. – skilos4  

A fantastic business tool ★★★★★  

StratPad is a fantastic tool for creating meaningful business plans. It really helps you to focus on the essentials when you are evaluating a new business or revisiting an existing business. – p3tcha  

Great app! ★★★★★

Yes, there's lots more. But it's time to decide... :-)




or $29.99 monthly*




or $49.99 monthly*



* 100% money-back guarantee on ALL my products and services: If you're unhappy with any of my products or services just let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money.

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