"Alex was riveting. He is so obviously in command of his topic.

He is number one on my list of speakers."

–Anton Swanepoel, Managing Director, Amity Wealth Management

"Alex kicked off our SOHO event with a bang – and a great story!"

–Chris Burdge, Founder & President BWest Communications


Alex is a husband, father, and business humanist. He obsesses about helping human creativity flourish inside our organizations.

He has started and grown six companies, led workshops around the world, and personally coached hundreds of ambitious, creative business owners. His speaking, teaching, writing and software have helped 200,000 business owners and advisors in 120 countries.

He is working on his next major presentation, How to Turn Creativity Into Cash from his hometown of Victoria, Canada.

"Alex is a crowd favourite. He beautifully communicates difficult subjects with a humorous and easy-to-understand manner. Delightful to watch."

–Louie Prosperi, CEO, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada