Entrepreneur’s Business Accelerator

You’ve started your business. You’re getting some traction. You’re super busy. And you now realize that there are a LOT of things you need to know to be successful!

The EnBA is 17 short, focused, practical, online courses that cover everything a business owner needs to know.

• Each course is self-contained.

• Courses focus on you: you use YOUR business as a living case study.

• Every course is practical: you end up with a 91-day plan that is guaranteed to make a significant and measurable improvement in your business. Or you get your course fee back.

• Each course has between 4 and 7 hours of video lessons and is supported by workbooks and/or worksheets and/or software.

You can take an EnBA course in one of three ways:

  1. GUIDED. Courses are scheduled and run with a live instructor who guides you through the entire process. These courses include live Q&A and live office hours with full audio and video.
  2. SELF STUDY. Self study courses are provided with video instruction that you can take as it suits your schedule. These courses include all of the same content and material of a Guided course, but they have limited or no instructor support.
  3. EnBA SPRING 2016. A very special 91 day guided course that covers much of the EnBA from Strategy to Planning to Cash Flow. Course starts January 30 and ends 91 days later on April 30.