It squeezes the creativity, profit, and fun out of your business.



All business owners need to apply these principals.

–Raymond Spiess III, President, GC Suppied

Have you ever felt that running a business is too tough? Like no matter how hard you work success is always just out of reach? Do you sometimes wonder if the game is rigged?

You're right to wonder. Here's why.

You've probably heard all the old conventional business advice. You know, the stuff that tells you to listen to what customers want and then deliver it. With a cherry on top.

It's nonsense.

That advice inevitably leads you into a hyper-competitive "transaction box" that squeezes out your profit, your creativity, your success.

Ain't no cherries there.

What they don't tell you is there's a fundamental conflict at the heart of all your customer relationships:

You want to get MORE cash... ... and your customers want to spend LESS cash.

This is a zero-sum game. But your customer controls the cash so it's a game that you're going to lose.

So what's the answer?

It's time to change the game. And focus on what truly matters.



The concept of escaping the transaction box is helping me, my team and my customers.

–Ivan Ivanka, Bluebird


A fantastic, easy to understand read.

A must for entrepreneurs, new or old; should be required reading for every business student.

–Paul Bryan, Color Rite


A breath of fresh air.

This change in thinking is already benefitting us and our businesses. Many thanks Alex.

–Ronny Putnins, Kokoro Computer Services 

Watch as Alex shows you exactly how traditional thinking squeezes profitability, creativity and success out of ALL our businesses.

Business ownership should be awesome, shouldn't it? We want it to help us reach our dreams. We're prepared to use all of our skills and our experience and our energy. We crave the freedom to be of service to our customers and our communities in the best possible way.

Because anything less just isn't good enough, is it?

Come and meet Sam Brooks. Sam is a local entrepreneur who loves what she does, but whose business takes a turn for the worse. Under pressure, she must think about her business and her customers at a much deeper level than she has ever done before.

Sam gain an insight that reshapes her perspective. She rethinks the role she plays in her customers' lives. She revitalizes her business.

Sam escapes the transaction box.

Of course, Sam and her friends are fictional. But her insights are real and their power is real. And I hope you use it to make this story your own.