For Bookkeepers

Who Own Their Own Firm

Bring your practice to the next level.

Successful bookkeepers have great cash flow:

They know that cash flow is at the heart of their success. They know they must constantly keep an eye on it. And continuously improve it.

They also know that they can dramatically improve their clients' cash flow - and earn their long-term loyalty.

How Any Business Can Transform Its Cash Flow was created specifically for bookkeepers based on experience with hundreds of bookkeepers in 12 countries, and tens of thousands of businesses world-wide. Feel the confidence, satisfaction, and fulfillment of helping your clients succeed - and strengthen your practice as a result.

Join business expert and author Alex Glassey for this masterclass in bookkeeper success.

Learn the 3 steps that generate

better cash flow for you and your clients.

Use them deliberately and build your practice step-by-successful-step.

1. Unlock Cash Flow Potential

Find and unlock the pockets of cash hidden in any business.

2. How Cash Flow Drives Growth

Learn how cash flow changes add up, and then multiply, and then compound.

3. Cash Flow Increases Your Firm's Sale Price

Great cash flow improves your firm's value - and your future.

About Your Presenter,

Alex Glassey

Alex is the founder of, an international online coaching company that helps bookkeeper owners achieve greater business success and personal fulfillment.

He is a speaker, author, serial entrepreneur, professor, and business coach. His books, software, courses, and workshops have helped 250,000 business owners in 124 countries.

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"How Any Business Can

Transform Its Cash Flow:

The Bookkeeper Edition"

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