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Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern Sep 19 to Dec 16, 2017  



In 26 hours of live online discussion, Alex Glassey shows you the fundamentals you must have to get the most from your business.


ONLY available in Autumn 2017. This extraordinary event will never be repeated.


$1,999 FREE*

* With generous support from FaceToFace Broadcasting.

"This course will add measurable value* to my business." -100% of previous course attendees 

* Revenue, Gross Margin, Client Satisfaction




Workbooks and other tools are provided to guide you through more in-depth sections.

"I found the spreadsheet and 91 Day Plan extremely valuable. If someone uses just these two tools

 they will increase their productivity and revenue."

–Lynne Moore, CPB

A unique feature! Stay after the session and discuss any aspect of the course – or your business – with Alex.

I'm envious of Alex's students and clients.

Jeff Cates, Intuit Canada President

In This 26-Episode Series, We Cover:

1. Assessing. Thinking. Strategizing. Leading. (Sep 19 - Oct 3 @ 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern)

Where are you now? What risks, pressures, opportunities do you currently face? Who are your customers? Why are they customers? What do they REALLY want? How can you make yourself invaluable to them? How can you set a direction that inspires your staff and your community?

PLUS: Detailed, live Q&A, and unlimited After Hours.

2. Optimize Your Value And Pricing. (Oct 5 - Oct 26 @ 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern)

Deeply understand and communicate your value through pricing. The 5-Cs of pricing. Create a pricing performance plan. Real-world examples.

PLUS: Free pricing spreadsheet that automatically recommends basic prices; detailed, live Q&A, and unlimited After Hours.

3. Halloween Special: Taking The Fear Out of Financial Statements. (October 31 @ 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern)

A primer on the three financial statements that every business owner MUST KNOW; understanding operational performance with the Income Statement; tracking the ins-and-outs of your cash with the Cash Flow Statement; a clear picture of your business's health – the Balance Sheet.

PLUS: Free video primer; detailed, live Q&A, and unlimited After Hours.

4. Master Cash Flow Fundamentals. (Nov 2 - Nov 21 @ 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern)

How cash flow is affected by everything. The 3 cash flow mistakes we ALL make. How the 5 pillars of confident cash flow make our business stronger. A 6-step process to deepen your cash flow understanding.

PLUS: Free cash flow workbook; detailed, live Q&A, and unlimited After Hours.

5. Getting Funded: How to Tell Your Story in Words and Numbers. (Nov 23 - Dec 14 @ 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern)

How planning makes a significant, measurable, and immediate difference. The 4 negative mindsets that get in the way of doing it right. How and when to use the 4 plan types. The 3 planning steps that lead to results. What bankers and investors want to hear.

PLUS: Free workbook, spreadsheet, and software; detailed, live Q&A, and unlimited After Hours.

6. Transforming 2018: How To Ensure You Have Your Best Busines Year Ever. (December 16 @ 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern)

Bringing it all together. The 4 steps to absolutely crushing your next year.

PLUS: Free workbook; detailed, live Q&A, and a long, last, live After Hours.

I now have many of the tools I need to move my business to the next level. Alex has taught me how to change my thinking to better understand my clients' needs and provide the services that my clients want.

Marijke Couch, CPB

Presented by Alex Glassey

Alex Glassey is the creator of StratPad, the author of Customer Dreams, and the successful founder of 4 previous ventures. He now teaches business owners and advisors through, an online company.

Alex writes weekly in his blog, "For Business Owners Only". He travels regularly to speak to – and entertain – business owners around the world. He lives in Victoria, Canada with his wife, the fashion designer Renata Uznanska.

“So inspiring! Really great resources, he’s so generous and that is simply amazing. Encouragement and just a good kick in the pants.”

“Alex was funny and engaging and made an otherwise boring and difficult topic easy to understand.”

“Alex is an amazing presenter, very personable and took the time to reach out personally to those in need.”

Who Should Take This Course?

A definite must if you are stuck, ready to grow, or just don't know where to start.

–Carol Kostachuk, CPB

If you want to grow your business, this information is invaluable.

–Patricia Sawatzky, CPB

How Does This Course Work?

I teach 26 live lessons online to an unlimited number of business owners using FaceToFace Broadcasting. The lessons are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm Pacific for 13 weeks starting September 19.

Because the course is live, you're able (and encouraged!) to ask questions as we go along.

I'll invite you to do a short, optional assignment between most lessons so you can immediately apply that day's lesson to your own business. In this way, you'll actually use your business as a living case study.

You're invited to stay after class to discuss any questions about the lesson material, or how it applies to your business and unique circumstance. This is a unique feature of this event.

You'll receive several workbooks (PDF files) and you'll also get access to several online worksheets (GoogleDocs).

Frequently Asked Questions


Great question – it depends! I try to keep each day's lesson to 60 minutes because I know you're busy running your business. However, with the discussion and the Q&A it may go bit longer.

Each day's assignment is different, and I've designed them to take between 15 and 30 minutes. However, if you're a real keener, there are a couple of assignments that you could spend more time on, if you wanted to.

To be comfortable and get the most out of your investment of time and money, you should set aside 75 – 90 minutes a day, twice a week. Which begs the question: Would you invest a couple of hours a week to significantly improve your business?



Please email them to me directly.




At the conclusion of the series you can optionally request a certificate honoring your participation in the BusinessPRO event.

Watch every episode. Download the workbooks and spreadsheets. I personally guarantee that your investment of time will be paid back 100 times and more. –Alex


Episode 1 • Sep 19 • Introduction.

What You'll Achieve in BusinessPRO TV. What is a Business Owner? The World of Business Owners.

Episode 2 • Sep 21 • Lifting Your Sights

The Power of Aspiration, Values and Authenticity. The Peril of Traditional Business Thinking. Ownership Means Designing The Business We Want.

Episode 3 • Sep 26 • Innovation

How Innovation Powers Business Strategy. Four Excellent Innovation Examples. 5 Reasons Why Innovation Is Required In Your Business.

Episode 4 • Sep 28 • Zeroing In 

How Business MODELS Help Your Business Make More Money. How A Business CANVAS Helps You Communicate Better With Customers. TWO FREE WORKSHEETS

Episode 5 • Oct 3 • Success Loop 

How A Strategic Road Map Gives Us FOCUS And Paves The Way To Success. Create Your Strategic Goal. FREE Strategic Road Map worksheet.

Episode 6 • Oct 5 • Awesome Power of Pricing 

• 3 Biggest Pricing Mistakes • The Dreaded Pricing Box • Confidence, For Good or Ill PLUS: FREE WORKBOOK

Episode 7 • Oct 10 • How To Correctly Calculate Costs for Pricing 

The 2 Types of Costs • Consider the Future • Introduction to the Pricing Spreadsheet • PLUS FREE Pricing Worksheet & Workbook.

Episode 8 • Oct 12 How To Use Your COMPETITORS To Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Customers 

• Understand direct vs indirect and status quo • Introduction to the value continuum • Understand how competitors give us valuable insight into our customers • Use Pricing Spreadsheet to record and use competitor information PLUS: FREE WORKBOOK