Bring your business to the next level.

Successful business owners are craftspeople:

They know there are no shortcuts or secrets when it comes to building something special. They know they must work methodically, deliberately, painstakingly - and intelligently.

6 Things Successful Business Owners Think About summarizes the experience of 250,000 business owners in 124 countries. It's a simple, straight-forward framework that helps you experience the confidence, satisfaction, and fulfillment of leading your business to its next level.

Join business expert and author Alex Glassey for this masterclass in business owner success.

Here are the 6 things you need to level up.

Use them deliberately to build your business step-by-successful-step.

1. Focus & Alignment

Share your aspiration, plan and goals to create a powerful, effective team.

2. Tools & Skills

Learn the tools and skills of business so you can optimize cash flow and maximize value.

3. The Heart of Your Business

Look after the most important part of your business, because everything depends on it.

4. Inevitable Change

Create a resilient company so it can take advantage of opportunities AND challenges.

5. Predictable Growth

Plan your company's next stage so it grows steadily and profitably, without drama and headaches.

6. Integrate Your Thinking

Bring everything together to maximize opportunities, reduce risk, and grow your confidence.

About Your Presenter,

Alex Glassey

Alex is the founder of, an international online coaching company that helps business owners achieve greater business success and personal fulfillment.

He is a speaker, author, serial entrepreneur, professor, and business coach. His books, software, courses, and workshops have helped 250,000 business owners in 124 countries.

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