Henry Ford was SO lucky: his was the only company that sold cars. So it could get away with offering one model. Black. No options. Take it or leave it.

That approach definitely doesn’t work today!

Every potential car customer is different. Each has different motivations. Different characteristics. Different challenges. And they only consider solutions that are a great fit. Which is why there are so many options.

One size does NOT fit all.

The same is true in each of our businesses, yes? Aren’t all of your customers quite different from one another? I know mine are. Our job as business owners is to figure out how to understand our various customers and their differences. We need to ensure that our products and services closely match them and their needs.

And we need to go further. Not only do our products and services have to be a great fit, our customers must perceive that there’s a great fit. So we must communicate who we are and what we do in a way that potential customers fully understand and appreciate.

This simple business canvas helps us do this.

It moves our focus from inside our company to our customers. Who are they? What characteristics do they have that influence their perceptions?

And while we’re imagining our customers, let’s walk a mile or two in their shoes. What challenges do they have? What opportunities are they missing? What prevents them from achieving their goals?

It’s only by doing this that we have any chance to meaningfully understand our customers. To create offerings that solve their needs, bridge their gaps, and make them successful. And to communicate in a way that resonates with them.

Henry Ford didn’t need this canvas. But we sure do!

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