Successful entrepreneurship is boring. Don’t believe me? Read on…

Renata and I sailed in Canada’s gorgeous Gulf Islands last week. Truly spectacular scenery and flawless weather.

But deceiving, because we had to navigate some tricky waters – narrow channels with fast tidal currents, and wide passes with treacherous rocks and eddies. Yesterday it was Porlier Pass. Perfectly safe with slow currents; dangerous any other time.

I carefully plotted a course the night before, and we weighed anchor at 8:00am the following morning. We had 67 minutes to get to Porlier for the exact time that the current would be at its slowest. Renata was at the wheel and we talked through the precise approach. We made sure to enter the Pass at 9:07am and we had virtually no current to contend with. Perfect!

As Renata steered us past the rocks and hazards, she said, “This is boring. I thought it would be more exciting with waves and whirlpools.”

The point of this story is, of course, that we wanted our trip through Porlier Pass to be boring. Sailing is exciting enough without adding additional risk from poor planning or ill-informed decisions, or from simply charging ahead blindly.

Sounds like running a business, yes?

Don’t we want to have predictable cash flow, predictable marketing plans, and predictable development cycles? Boring, maybe, but that still leaves plenty of room for excitement and challenges, doesn’t it?

Here are my three rules for a safe and boring passage through Porlier Pass, and also for successful entrepreneurship:

  1. There are all kinds of risks and turbulence ahead. Whether you can see them or not, know that they are coming.
  2. Learn the fundamentals of navigation as soon as you can. You’ll need charts and tide tables for your boat; financial statements and a business model for your business.
  3. Continuously plan ahead.

Safe travels!

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