We’ve been exploring the 10/10/10 Business Plan which I created for those who hate or mistrust business planning. In just 10 minutes a day for three days we’ve explored our company’s aspirations, threats and opportunities, and strengths and weaknesses.

If you’ve reached this point, congratulations! You’ve thought through your business, and you should have already realized some good insights.

But I think there’s more we could do, don’t you?

The problem with writing things on paper is that it’s tough to really dig into the information. Paper notes don’t help us do deeper analysis, and they certainly don’t help us do it quickly.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could instantly answer the following critical questions using information we’ve just recorded?

  1. What things could we do quickly and inexpensively?
  2. What things are potential game changers?
  3. What items carry the greatest risk?
  4. What items don’t support our aspirations?
  5. What could we get done fastest?
  6. What could we get done cheapest?
  7. Which items have been assigned to Sam?
  8. Which high risk items have been assigned to Pat?

Awesome? It would be AMAZING!

I’ve created a terrific online worksheet that is free for you to use. Simply plug in the information you wrote down, and you can instantly answer all of the above questions, and more.

Go here to see a short video demonstration, get the complete workbook, and get your copy of the 10/10/10 Business Planning Worksheet. All with my compliments.

So that next time somebody asks you about business planning, you can tell them that you LOVE doing it!

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