Marketing keeps getting more complicated, don’t you agree? There are so many options. They’re constantly shifting. And a lot of them seem to require special skills.

As I reviewed the marketing options for my business earlier this year, I was shocked to find out how important LinkedIn is. I’ve been scrambling ever since, but I think I’ve figured it out, and I thought you’d be interested too.


1. Credibility and trust are at the heart of business relationships. Yes, we all know this, but it can be easy to forget when we spend more of our professional lives online.

2. Everyone who might do business with you searches for you on Google.

The first two didn’t surprise me but, as I mentioned, the next one actually shocked me:

3. LinkedIn is huge, especially if you sell to other businesses. It reinforces – or undermines – our credibility, and it is a massive source of potential new business.

ag-com-linkedin-checkup-adAs soon as I realized just how important LinkedIn is, I did this assessment of my LinkedIn profile. I still cringe when I think of the mistakes I’ve made. They damaged my personal brand not to mention the potential business I lost as a result.

Since then I’ve been going through a LinkedIn makeover. This process isn’t finished yet, but I wanted to share my experience with you right away so that you can learn from my mistakes.

I also assembled some great resources for you starting with the same 5 point LinkedIn profile checkup that I did.

(BTW, I got 4 out of 5 WRONG when I did this. You can see my BEFORE and AFTER profiles in the checkup.)


LinkedIn is important for three reasons:

1. Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression many people will have of you.

ag-com-linkedin-google-searchWhen people search for you on Google, your LinkedIn profile is often the very first result they see. So it’s probably the very first thing they click.

Yikes! For me, this was reason enough to start my LinkedIn makeover.

2. LinkedIn helps potential customers/clients find you without you having to do anything.

LinkedIn has a membership of 433 million people, most of whom are professionals and business owners. These people use it to find what they need, especially professional services.

In addition, as you saw when I googled myself, search engines consider LinkedIn an authority on people. They index people’s names AND the keywords used in their LinkedIn profiles and then they use these keywords to provide answers to people’s searches.

If somebody is looking for a “Vancouver bookkeeper” in Google or LinkedIn, wouldn’t you want them to find you? Assuming, of course, that you’re a bookkeeper in Vancouver! 🙂

3. LinkedIn helps you find potential customers/clients.

LinkedIn has a variety of ways that help you find and connect with the exact demographic you’re trying to serve. For example, want to find the owners of construction companies with 1-10 employees that are within 10 miles of your office? Got half a second? Here they are: a list of 69 people with tons of info on each.


As soon as I realized how important LinkedIn was to my brand and my marketing efforts, I started researching the best way to use it.

Of course I started with Google and, of course, I was soon drowning in a sea of self-confessed experts with conflicting claims.

After a ton of work, I found two professionals in Edinburgh, Scotland. I flew there to meet them and see if they’re the real thing.

They are.

Miles Duncan and Dave Rattray own LinkedIn Success Blueprint. They have helped thousands of professionals improve their LinkedIn profiles and grow sales with their online course. They are helping me now.

I asked them to share their process with my readers. Look at what they put together for you:

1. Free 5 Point LinkedIn Profile Checkup
Your profile CAN’T POSSIBLY be as bad as mine was. But just in case, click here and take the checkup.

2. Webinar: How LinkedIn Can Boost Your Sales
Dave and Miles have agreed to host two webinars that show you exactly how powerful LinkedIn is and how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business. Here is your chance to see these two experts live and get all of your questions answered.

Click one of these dates and register:

Tuesday June 21 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern

Wednesday June 22 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern

3. LinkedIn Profile Builder (LPB)
This online course finishes the profile makeover you started in the Checkup. It teaches you how to re-write every aspect of your profile so you’ll stand out from your competitors. Even better, the work you do in your profile automatically drives into the search engines so that people looking for your services have a better chance of finding you.

I’ve just finished this course. I’m convinced that it will generate thousands of dollars in new business for me this year. And every year to come. Learn more.

4. Network & Relationship Builder (NRB)
The next level, NRB, shows you how to extend your LinkedIn network and build your on-line relationships. It shows you LinkedIn’s advanced tools and teaches you how and when to use them.

This is an advanced level, for sure, but once you see how powerful these tools are I’m convinced you’ll want to explore them. Learn more.

What do I think?
I totally believe in what Dave and Miles do. If you believe that the Internet is important to your business then, at the very least, I invite you to take the checkup and then learn more about LinkedIn Success Blueprint.

74% of the business owners I know are active on LinkedIn. Are you one of them? Tell me why or why not by leaving a comment below.