I can hardly believe it. My new book ‘Customer Dreams‘ just arrived from the printer. Holding it in my hands closes a very important time in my life.

Seven years ago I was re-thinking my life and my work. My two terrific kids were grown. I had just moved to Canada’s stunning west coast. My mother’s awful illness was bringing up end-of-life issues.

All of this reinforced how strongly I wanted to express myself to small business owners in a fresh new way.

More than ever, I wanted to maximize their creative energy. Increase their survival rates. And improve life for them and their families.

StratPad was the first step. It’s a beautiful planning tool that runs on the iPad and in browsers. It’s got terrific videos and tutorials and a built-in workbook. And it quickly became the world’s best-loved business planning app.

StratPad introduced me to over 100,000 entrepreneurs and their advisors in over 100 countries. What a conversation!

This conversation taught me that, even though thinking ahead and focus and planning are critical components to small business success, something else is needed even more.

As I explain in Customer Dreams, this “something else” is so important that a business is likely to struggle or fail without it.

I confirmed its importance by sharing the first manuscript with several hundred business owners and advisors. They sent back 164 detailed critiques (this was an amazing personal experience, by the way) that told me that Customer Dreams hits the nail on the head.

In Customer Dreams you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s so hard for a small business to succeed. Hint: traditional business rules are stacked against you. 
  • Why thinking and planning and focus won’t help if you’re thinking and planning and focusing on the wrong thing.
  • A simple concept that will transform how you think about your customers.
  • A better way to speak with your customers that immediately builds their trust and confidence in you.
  • The ten steps you will use to revitalize your business.

Customer Dreams shows you why your business isn’t delivering its full value to your customers OR you and your family. You’ll learn the benefits that come from renewing your customer conversation. You’ll start thinking and planning and focusing on the right thing.

Something else I learned: business owners don’t have spare time. So Customer Dreams delivers its message in only an hour or two. You’ll be speaking to your customers differently the day after you read it, I’m confident of that.

In fact, I’m so confident that Customer Dreams will transform your business that I’ll pay your shipping, anywhere in the world, when you buy before April 27.

I said at the beginning that this closes an important time in my life. But it also opens the next level for both me AND you.

Will you join me in this new conversation, this new adventure?

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