The ebook version of my new book, Customer Dreams, will be released on April 12. Here’s Chapter 2, just in case  you can’t wait. Chapter 1 is here. And you can see the full Table of Contents here.

2. Sam Learns Something About Her Customers

“I had an amazing week,” said Sam. We were back at The Peel Bakery with our teas in front of us.

“Did you know that people buy flowers for all kinds of reasons? And they were so happy to talk to me about them.”

“So what did you learn?” I asked.

“Well, there are lots of people who just like having fresh flowers in their home. But some people have different reasons. One woman, Alice, buys flowers every week to take to her mother in the nursing home. There’s a young guy, I think his name is Simon, who buys roses every couple of weeks for his girlfriend. He’s so sweet!”

She paused for a minute to sip her tea and her face saddened.

“My favourite story comes from a retired man, Mr. Bertolini. He buys a bunch of daffodils every week. He told me that he visits his wife at the cemetery every Saturday afternoon. You should have seen his face as he spoke. He said his wife used to love getting daffodils from him.”

“Those are great stories, Sam,” I said. “You really did have an amazing week.”

“Yes. I loved it. Everyone seemed to have a different story and a different reason for being in the shop.”

She sat back and sipped her tea. “So I can see now that every customer has a different reason for buying flowers. But aren’t they still just buying flowers? I don’t see how this helps me yet.”

I finished off the apple Danish I had been nibbling. The Peel Bakery had great teas and it had fantastic pastries.

“Understanding that customers have different reasons for buying is a terrific first step,” I said. “But there may be even more good customer stuff to discover. By digging deeper, it’s often possible to unearth their true motivations.”

Sam said, “Their true motivations? That sounds mysterious. And what do you mean by ‘digging deeper’?”

“Well, for example, what happens when Alice gives flowers to her mother? How does Mr. Bertolini feel when he’s visiting his wife? And what’s going on with Simon when he gives your roses to his sweetheart?”

Sam smiled. “Sounds like I’m in for another interesting week.”

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