Business owners need serious skills to succeed.

The good news is none of it is rocket science.
Learn some fundamentals. Develop good habits. This makes all the difference!

Join 200,000 business owners who use these resources, and get the serious skills you need.

Understand Your Customers

You can only deliver true value when your product or service is completely aligned with your customer’s aspiration.

Get to know your customer

Know Your Profit Machine

A business pro knows exactly how their company makes money. Learn how to design the four pieces of your business model.


Price Properly

Most businesses price poorly. They harm their reputation. They lose thousands of dollars every year. They stress their cash flow – and their owners.

Master Your Pricing Now

Learn About Financial Statements
(in 26 minutes)

Traveling? You need a map to get where you’re going. It’s the same in business. Financial statements are the maps for business owners.


Cash Flow: The Lifeblood
of Your Company

Cash powers everything in your company. The more you understand how it works, the healthier your company will be.

Master your company’s cashflow

Plan Quickly

Few business owners plan well – or at all. Yet a sharp focus on clear priorities is extremely powerful. So why not invest 10 minutes a day for three days?


Plan Seriously

When you’re REALLY growing, you’ll need cash from a bank or investor. You’ll need a business plan. And you’ll need some help preparing it.

Make your business planning easier

Getting Advice

It’s SO helpful to talk things over with someone who’s been there. They broaden your perspective, expand your skills, and help you bring your company to the next level.

Reach the next level